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Adrian Fisher Design is the world's leading innovator and creator of mazes of all kinds, full of challenges, discovery and fun.

AFPH, Longleat Chapel Mirror Maze, square format 96KB, GX270334, 2 March 2005

We have transformed the traditional idea of getting lost into state-of-the-art attractions, experiences and adventures, each with a compelling storyline.

Our 30 year portfolio can be found at the world's finest palaces, castles, visitor attractions, science centers, landscapes and city centres across 30 countries.  Our 500 full-size mazes have set 6 Guinness world records, and won 2 gold medals for garden design.

Our custom design approach ensures that each installation is uniquely relevant to clients and visitors alike, across a wide spectrum of materials including hedges, mirrors, water, mosaic, structures, sound, lighting, electronics and special effects.

Whether your budget is $100,000 or $3m, our interpretations of the maze art-form achieve an impressive financial performance.

We are a full service company, taking projects from creative concept to detailed design, fabrication, delivery and installation worldwide.